On a recent visit to Ann Arbor we stopped at the local landmark Zingerman’s for dinner. Afterwards we continued our constant search for chemical free foods. A quest that is getting easier and easier to address thankfully, with the exception of deli meat.

However, they offer two bacon options that are nitrate free. I was thrilled and bought some. When the dude behind the counter said “we typically cut it 3 mm thick” he included a look as if to say “I bet this balding trunk slammer doesn’t have a clue what 3 mm’s thick is!”

But… being the seasoned furniture junky that I am, and after designing perhaps 10,000 work surfaces in my days… 90% of which have a 3 mm edge band on them, I called his bluff. In heigh-in-sight I should have said “naaaa… how about 3.5 instead?”

3mm thick... A.D.A . compliant.

3mm thick… A.D.A . compliant.


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