A little work: a little reward

The other night after dinner there was a lull in all the action at our house. With two teenagers that is a moment as rare as a blue moon. In all honesty I didn’t know what to do with myself so I took my camera outside with the intention of finding something, some new way of looking at things that would  revel something fascinating. If I looked at a world that I have looked at through so many other filters, through the eyes of a camera, what would I see?

I have looked at this yard through the eyes of a mower, at this house through the eyes of a painter, at the garden through the eyes of watering can. But seldom through the lens of my Nikon. Other than a mass of mosquito bites, here is the brief result.


Badminton net.


Adirondack chair.


Lightening bug just before takeoff.


Same bug at takeoff.


Not sure how this picture showed up…it was just there when I downloaded the shots…those sneaky gnomes.


Another lighting bug just before flight.


Same bug in flight. This became fairly fascinating and difficult to capture on with its tail lights on.


Shasta Daisies that evening.


Same flowers the next morning.

I have often found that it takes some effort to get the snowball rolling but once it does, the effort to initiate is forgotten. The hassle of loading kayaks on a car, the hassle of washing a bike, the effort to a hand-made cake, sitting still long enough to read a book like Last of the Mohicans. Peeling back the layers revels the real fruit.


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