Not to be taken literally…

Something about street signs as always fascinated be. Many things fascinate me…in-fact it’s endless.

Over the last few months I have been working on not taking myself so seriously. I am fairly open about having the blood cancer multiple myeloma. What I am not real open about is the burden of carrying that weight. In 1981 I was on my first backpack trip through the Rockies. I remember the feeling at the end of the day when you took your pack off and you felt like you could fly. There are times when I feel that same sense of relief with my current situation. Sometimes in the freedom of the moment, the dog off the leash runs through the brier bush. Other times I look around me and relize that on matter what happens tomorrow, the days leading up to it have been so overwhelmingly rewarding that my life feels complete.

Today one of the news letters I track had this quote of the day:

lighten up

The timing was perfect. During the last week I have captured images of a few street signs with my iPod. Signs that if taken to literally, to seriously would not make sense. I know…having the luxury to spend time contemplating this is the result of a harvest from the blessed life I have lived thus far. As the son of a friend of my said, I have spent just about my whole life dealing with “first world issues”. I have never had to wait in line for 7 hours for a bowl of rice, I have never lived under a dictatorship, in my society women can vote, I have access to some of the worlds best medical care…I’m like you. So as a reminder…I share these photos with you. Especially in the time of year when we tend to indulge, in fiscal expenditure, food, beverage, longer then typical days.


Children crossing slow…some are wearing skirts but all are carrying a purse.


Access to vans…sponsored by those who look like a butterfly.


Something so very poetic about this.


We have all been guilty of being to close to our work at some point…this guy was hungry.

design almost  863

George Simons Jr., a great friend of mine who resides in the Great Pacific Northwest forwarded this one to me…Thanks George.

So join me…lighten up, role with it.


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