Red dot in life’s blue water.

I was once told by a therapist that “this town is changing very fast…but if you live here, you don’t see it”.

Taken out of context it doesn’t make sense. But in essence what he was saying is that your daily routines over time become blinders. We convert from glaciers…plowing through rock, bold and fearless, taking on objects as if impervious to their presence, leaving impressions and scares as we pursue our dreams….to water…rolling through the landscape of a life, seeking the path of least resistance.

Sometimes as we drift down that river, fluidly dancing around obstacles and details that are most often left by other’s glacier activities we encounter something new. Something that forces us to stop flowing, something that dams the current and re-evaluate the situation.  We are forced to look up, clear our mask, snorkel and tread water until clarity is gained.

Sometimes we acquire extra weight…the clothing of our life gets saturated and it taxes our bouncy, we start to sink. We get lost in the current and the life lines we tied on when we dove in pull us to the surface. Our diving partners flip the plug on our bouncy vests and we surface. Other times we encounter hidden obstacles, drop-offs that we didn’t see as we focus on our casting towards the trout as we wad along. Submerged snags and sweepers that tap reflex rather than premeditated response.

I was discussing this with one of my life coaches last week…the need to not let these embolisms in life prevent us from adherence to a course. As I left the office I noticed a way-finding aid in the lobby that struck me as almost freekingly ironic. There on the wall was a directional aid listing all the locations and services in the building and which was on which floor.

iPod photo.

And a small red dot stating “You Are Here”. After the discussion I had just had, the clarity, confirmation and alignment it provided…the red dot was really all I needed to see. Amongst all the other crap going on in the world, my world, my body, my head…I am here…right here, right now. “You Are Here”. Period.

iPod photo.

Instantly it stuck me. A buoy in the dive park…an executive summary of my current situation. My mask had been cleared. There is a statement that I have quoted often stating that “the journey is the reward”. I believe this and strive to adhere to it with the exception that it excuses the belief that God has provided a place of peace for us in the after-life…which I do believe with even more convection. But when you become consumed by moments of negative bouncy it is important that you don’t loose focus on where you really are, what you have accomplished and all the great things going on around you.

The smile of a friend you have not seen in 7 years, the sound of a child subtlety improving on her clarinet, the pet that runs to the door when you come home, the way your car floats down the highway at 80mph, Saturday morning showers, acknowledging the difference between a Oscar Schimdt guitar and a C. F. Martin, a thank y0u note from a co-worker that has become a good friend, the hug from an in-law.

So stop…you are here…you matter…seldom big events are more relative then small daily insights, and the clarity in life’s rewards they provide.


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