To be alive or to live fully?

Living fully is applicable to and an oppertunity for all of us…it rewards not withstanding.

It doesn’t require wealth, it doesn’t require a specific zip code, it doesn’t require a post card lawn, it doesn’t require travel, it doesn’t require education. All you need is an open heart and an open mind. This is the case whether you live for 5 more days or 150 more years…harvesting the most from each moment is…what it is all about. James Taylor claims in a song that “the secret of life is enjoying the passing of time”.

I have spent thousands of hours in reception offices and waiting room and witnessed painfully first hand that the path through life’s geography is not targeted on any one. None of us are immune to crashing a kite.

It has proven to be extremely difficult to keep that perspective in mind. But when I am finally able to put the fear aside and purse living in moment (with the help of coaching from my wife, kids and doctors) I find that it is these are the moments I remember.

Not the raise at work, not the patents I have received, not the design awards. It’s the moments I have pursed who I am and the quest to figure that out that I remember…minutes, days, weeks, months…years later when I play back my life that I remember.

With that in mind…I share this with you in hopes that you too find the little thumbnails that can become the Kodak moments.

A 11 year old car with a $150 dollar kayak…both of which I cherish as if they were brand new socks.

Self portrait with camera set on self timer and locked in dry box then held below the waterline.

Heading south to the launch…I know I am SO BLESSED that I have been able to live life like this…I thank the Lord daily.


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