Back to the future.

I have once again begun to use my old film camera’s. For one reason I want my kids to understand what “film” trully is, depth of field, field of focus, aperture…what those terms are all about…I wanted them to feel what real film is and smell it…to learn what it is like to have to wait and see if the photo turned out. I bought a twin to the one I own off eBay for $45.00 so the both have the same camera now (in addition to their digital). There is something about the feel of the shutter slapping around in there and being able to obtain grand low light shots and obtain that incredible depth of field. Now the kids know what it means to be caught on film. Walgreen’s has a service that when you develop film there, they can download the images to a server so you have them digitally too.

Grey cat in black & white.

Grey & white cat in color.


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