Proud Father Moment: Son of “The Crow”

Last night as my 14 year old son was hunched over his LEGO building table…he announced to me, completely out of the blue…that this Halloween I should “go as Le Corbusier”… the crow. How many 8th graders know who Le Corbusier is an could envision that someone who looks like me could pass as him?…

Le Corbusier... (photo credit...unknown).

Although I recognize his contribution to design and architecture and therefore our lives, I am not a real big fan of his work…which makes it even more interesting that my son would pick up on this and suggest I dress as him for the night of the ghouls.

It’s not like a walk around the house talk about him all the time! I don’t even have a bow tie, but I do have a forehead like his!


3 thoughts on “Proud Father Moment: Son of “The Crow”

  1. Hi Jon,
    I saw you wrote a comment about “Don’t Pave the Forest” in the Glen Arbor Sun back in August 2010. In case you’re still interested in that issue, construction just started, and there are more and more people getting upset about the destruction of the forest. You can see some recent comments at and the Glen Arbor Facebook page. If you want to help us fight this, email me at . Thanks. Marilyn M.

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