Global Driveway

Last night we had friends over for dinner. One of which brought 4 Eames chairs over for me to sell on-line for him. Prior to the chairs coming into the house I stumbled onto this scene in our back yard. 2 Germans and 4 Americans…(and partridge in a pear tree?).

All of which are both iconic and real representations of quality in design and craftsmanship. The way they were staged it all most appeared as if they were humbly bowing to each other…across the sea.

The question is, and probably always will be, is good design, attention detail and manufacturing execution worth the cost? Does understanding what that means matter or impact our lives?

In a world where we have the choice to take the same amount of funds and spend it on less volumes of things but higher quality things, we are afforded the luxury to question the value and in the process gain a deeper understanding of our cultures and ourselves. The pursuit of good design is the pursuit of more rewarding life.

Two Germans, 4 Americans

Two Germans, four Americans.


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