K9 Surprise

OK…no seceret…I am a bit of a car nut. My dad was a VW dealer through most of my childhood and the influence of having something different from the used car lot in our drive every night embedded an interest in design and differentiation that is still with me today.

I have been collecting Matchboxes for years…but only ones that really interest me. This one I bought this week because it is a car my grandfather used to own. It featured the “new” skylight concept above the back seat which gave us kids a whole new portal on the world.

When I opened the package I thought it was a blem because there was a big chunk of plastic hanging out the back window. But I quickly discovered that it was two black terriers that are accompanying some luggage and a set of golf clubs.

Matchbox did not need to do this, rather they opted to just for the fun of it. To me this represents a great way to provide others with a little surprise and joy…that’s good design. Maybe this would fall on “deaf ears” for the intended age group of the toy but it might also mean that the adults who buy them are still kids at heart.

1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (remember Oldsmobile?)

Twin K9 suprise!


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