To yield.

This term came up in a sermon a few weeks ago and I just can’t get past it. Yield. There are some words we use in daily dialogue that are so powerful and yet so seldom studied. More accurately stated, there are words who’s meanings are instilled into our daily lives without any deeper consideration than that of a goldfish swimming past a submerged plastic plant 4,872 times a day, that could offer so much more.

So what does it REALLY mean to “yeild”? The answer cannot be defined without great debate, but perhaps conceptualization of a true understanding is best approached from different angles, different applications and different contexts for the word.

As in this photo the word imbedded in it’s icon setting of a triangular sign means “yield to oncoming traffic”. But if we were to stop and rather then yield, and think about how else this action rather than word, is applicable to our lives…what else will rise to a boiled surface, ready to be skimmed off as precious?

What if we were to yield to the opinion of others and put our pride aside and listen to their view…seeking for clarity and true meaning?

What if we were to yield to the lessons the outdoor world is trying to teach us? Lessons about patients and changing seasons. The cycle of life. Lessons about nurturing and caring, obedience to the power of foul weather…powers greater then us…respect, beauty, harmony and co-existance?

What if we were to yield to a greater calling like truth and support, and abandon the pursuit of false Gods like money, power and impression..shinning objets like that of a fisherman’s tackle box, flipped with snap of the wrist into the depths to lure the unsuspected?

What if we were to yield to the needs of our aging parents above and beyond our own needs and dreams?

What if were to yield to the more pressing needs of a life threating diagnose and abandon decades of dreams and focus on life’s true treasures…a new view of the world like the first time we put on corrective lens after 12 years not knowing what true 20/20 reveals? Could we get through the daily pressures of what our society deems valuble? The hourly compromises that need to be made to aid in longevity?

What if we were to yield to the fact that we are all humans and skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, family history and a dozen of other means of catagorizaton are just vents for our fears to escape?

How strong would yielding to the heat of stronger fires make us?

Mankind thrives when we inquire about everything…if we isolate we die.  The only cell that can live on it’s own is one of cancer. Yielding may be a simple, overlooked and understudied road sign, but it can also be a new way to allow life to be what it was truly meant to be…rewarding and one of growth and helping others.


4 thoughts on “To yield.

  1. Well said Jon. Western culture despises yielding. Comments like “you can be anything you want to be. Now go out and make it happen” can be ok in moderation but when taken as an absolute things come off the rails. The Atlantic’s cover story How The Cult of Self-Esteem is Ruining Our Kids takes a good look at it.

    The brief video accompanying it is worth a look.

  2. To yield is to listen, respect, adapt. Well tended farmland yields good crops. Your exploration of the word yielded insights.

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