Yesterday-Today-Tomorow-Everyday-Every Moment

Wednesday my wife and I conducted my monthly “work up” with my oncologist.  The effect of the cancer I have can be closely monitored by the results of blood tests and physical condition.  This month my report was the best I have had since July.

Thursday I spent much of the day in wonder of so many little things that make up the composition of my world. Like background music that was playing during an incredible dinner date. The constant amazement of my life and how blessed I am was set on an endless playback loop.

On my way to work a song by U2 “Bad” shuffled up and I found myself once again, understanding new meanings in songs I heard a 1,000 times.  I was screaming the along with Bono as if I was 18 again, enthralled with life and uninhibited by opinions of others, free from fear and fiscal concerns. Cautiously living just in that moment. And so went my day.

Shadows in the snow on my evening run...a sight I might not have seen if my heart were not open to what's simple and important right now.

Architectural volumes through a windshield.

 “Let it go…I’m wide awake…I’m wide awake…I’m wide awake…I’m not sleeping…oh no.”

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