Homemade Audio

Lately I have been enamored by a whole host of tiny little gadgets you can add to your iPhone. Everything from lens kit’s to stands.  The one that I almost bought was a speaker megaphone that snaps onto the bottom and has an amp or another one that is just plain rubber that does the same thing.  Or others that are pretty high-end that are so visually appealing that your enticed to just get one as an art piece. Most these items are designed for the iPhone and I have an iPod.  So, knowing the speaker is in the bottom of these Apple devices, today I tried something on my own.  The goal is to direct the music out, towards you with an ever opening shape that will not absorb any sound. So I laid my iPod in a glass bowl…and it worked!… you gotta try this.  In fact it worked so well my daughter (who was upstairs) asked me to turn it down because she was working on her homework!

My high-tech option...very portable and a host of color options.

Very covetable... but I didn't even look at the price.

Probably works but does the world need more silicone stuff?

This is just an iPhone right?...


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