Loss of Jobs = Loss For All Of Us

Steve Jobs 1955-2011 (photo credit the Apple company web site).

By now you have all heard that Steve Jobs has died from a rare form of pancreatic cancer called neuroendocrine tumor.  I want us all to take a second and think about the impact this one person has had on our global community, because of his ability to identify needs we didn’t know we had, articulate his vision and bring it to fruition.

Think of how Apple has changed what was once the frightful act of computing to one that is addictive.  Think of how Apple pushed it’s competitors to innovate.

Think of how mobile computing has changed every aspect of our lives. Speed of communication, the ability to photo document, accessibility, way finding, security, efficiency.

Think of work that Apple products have created… the designer of the stores, graphics, software, perphirals, accessories, communication companies like AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint.  Think of the store employee’s, the supply chains in China, Japan, U.S…. everywhere.  Think of the manufactures for the packing supplies, the cardboard, the ad campaigns, the work created by “Apple Week”.

As a friend said to me today “he was the Edison of our time”.  It’s said that to get better at tennis you need to play constantly with someone who is better then you. May his memory and legacy sustain the motivation he physical presence did.

I had two “you just missed him” scenarios where I almost met him during my business travels and collaborative efforts with consultants we both worked with in the bay area.  And one opportunity to work with the Apple design team on a collaborative advanced concept project for technology integration at a collegiate library in Southern California.  I never actually met the man but heard many, many stories of his persona and lifestyle.  If you want to be a success, suround yourself with successful people. The loss of Jobs equates to a loss for all of us.


2 thoughts on “Loss of Jobs = Loss For All Of Us

  1. All of our lives…globally. Not only his products but his way of doing it…and it’s said he seldom left a 20 mile radius of his home.

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