Garden and a rant.

This is a scene that I hope none of you ever see.  Such a weird concept for a garden… a garden you hope know one sees.  But this is a garden that those who do see it, see a lot.  A garden of hope, a garden of things living, created from natures purest elements, dirt… water… light… seed.

This is a garden where one can remember that there is much to be learned from nature.  Lessons on patience, lessons of hope, lessons of faith.  It is a peaceful place.  It is a place where I have often sit and listened to my world, my head, my heart… and the words of those who are helping play over and over on a endless loop of a sound byte within my sole.

This is the Life Garden on the 3rd floor of the Lemmon-Holton Cancer Pavilion.  It’s one of those creations that you wish you could duplicate in your home.  There are days when I don’t want to be there at all, dumbfounded and consumed by a disbelief that it isn’t happening.  And there are days (more so then not lately) where I do in-fact see, feel and experience hope in this facility.

When I sit in the waiting area with my wife, holding my hand… I look around at the others there doing the same.  All of us fighting, living with and doing are best with God’s help to endure this bit of hell on earth. It sometimes scares me beyond a manageable level.  There are those that are worse off and those that have jumped the hurtle and are returned to the walk of life… yet having once been here, one can never escape it… like a very faint shadow that is there even in the dark of night.

I think of this scene every-time I see someone smoking, overweight or generally abusing their existence… and I want to grab them by the neck and shake them and make them see what I have… to think what I have been forced to think, to discuss with my wife what we never thought we would.

If you would like to help find a cure or help fund research for bone marrow cancer, please contact the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  Thank You.


One thought on “Garden and a rant.

  1. You make me feel that I’m sitting right beside you in the garden.

    When you’ve done everything you know to take care of your health, and it turns out not to be in your control, there is a sense of outrage. None of us could function for one day if we thought about all the ways in which we are not in control.

    Sounds like you have some great people on your team.

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