Target Practice Toilet

OK… I’m going out on some thin ice with this one but I have wanted to post if for a long time.  I don’t know the history or the original thinking behind the creation of the product.  And I suspect that the female readers will not find the value in this that I do but this represents good design to me.

Sloan introduced a waterless urnal several years ago… that does not require “flushing” afterwards. In addition they created a little “target” in the basin.  The icon could have been something so meaningless, they didn’t have to include the icon at all but instead they used this tiny bee.  The bee is well done graphically, and represents so many healthy things… fresh flowers, organic health care solutions, being outdoors… the wild.

I simply think it’s great that they went the extra step to make the process one conducts while using this product, that much more rewarding, fun, memorable… what ever the most approprate  adjective is here, I’m not sure but I think you get my message.

Sloan Bee... don't do what to a real bee what you would to this bee...

Sneak peek... as seen in the East Grand Rapids Michigan Library men's room... see the bee?


2 thoughts on “Target Practice Toilet

  1. They had to add the bee. If you’ve never used one of these (and you’re male), you soon find out hitting any other spot but the bee gives you a shower. The bowl shape doesn’t work all that well!

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