Double Up.

We just returned from an annual trip to northern Michigan.  One of the rituals of that venture is to spend time frolicking in the seam in-between the waves and the dry sandy beach.  It has been a tradition since I was 4.  To abandon the concept of self conscienceness and revert to flat out playing like a child.  Building bridges over hand dug trenches with found sticks, pathing winding roads up carefully crafted mounds of sand with flat stones.  Decorating castle turrets with found segal feathers.  For generations we have been carting loads of toys that accompany this activity through the woods from our cars or cottages to the hot sand.  For me and my immediate family we used two… uhm…. “found” yellow IKEA bags who’s content includes everything from towels and snorkels to tanning lotions and sling shots.

As the kids get older, we have been weeding out the goods, only keeping those that we really think are cool (we got it down to one bag!).  We no longer bring a dozen buckets and shell shaped shovels.  As we unpacked from the trip this year I thought that “some of these are so cool and remind me of such good times that I am going to use them as decorations in my bathroom for a while”.

Hand size.

When I see these toys, thousands of vivid mental images flash through my mind like the wings of a humming bird. Almost 4D.  Images that are stored in vivid color, with vivid smells and vivid sounds.  Times when the world didn’t matter and all that did was right there in the moment with me… my family.

Then today as I was driving back from having lunch with my Dad and Step Mom at a cottage they have rented which overlooks the beach… I saw this.

Man size.

My Dad and Step Mom live in Florida, and for several reasons I had not seen them in way too long. It is out right spooky how things come together in one’s life.  I have to believe that it is beyond coincidence and part of a much bigger plan.  I pray daily for help to keep my eyes open for God’s work and presence in my life… today the prayer’s were confirmed.


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