Saw it with my feet.

There, at a place I had taken my morning run a thousand times before, I suddenly noticed an incredible sunrise. I was wondering mystically why I had never seen it before, rising over our neighbors house in just that fashion, at just that time in the morning?  I was not only shocked by the sudden splendor but puzzled by not having witnessed it before. My next thought was what elese have I been taking advantage of all these years, on all these tromps through the our little hamlet?  After a brief moment of pondering this, I was grounded by the fact that the mere path I was running down… this little ribbon of concrete was one such dismissed detail that had proven to be such a intertwined facet in our life.

Parting of the greens.

It was this sidewalk we recognized as an element for the type of village we wanted to start our family in.  It was on this sidewalk that we strolled for exercise during our first pregnancy. It was here on this half mile of engineered stone that we pushed our strollers during the warm months in quest of ice cream from the local dairy stop, up and down these walks that we would pull our sleds full of well clad kids to Starbuck’s for coffee and coco.

To seemingly nowhere and back again.

Then again in the summer, running along side a two wheeler serving as a mobile outrigger and insurance provider.  We witnessed scooter, roller-blade and skate board spills.  Along this path we walked in the rain, challenging our wisdom while filling our every being with a new world of sensory entrenchment. We created chalk art, lit fireworks, played with magnifying glasses in the sun and used it for way-finding at night.

A launch and landing pad.

This sidewalk was not only a ribbon through our neighborhood but a ribbon through our life.  It has withstood the test of time, the weight of construction trucks, scraping of shovels, the weather from a century of seasons.  And without any recognition or complaint.

Laugh lines.


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