I should do this everyday.

I didn’t see it as pry bar into lifestyles but it was.  One humid thick morning I was trying to make the ramp into my work life a little less steep.  I took a coffee cup on my commute (not mug).  I was sitting in my car daintily sipping from the cup as I rolled through town.  Forced to take this posture for fear that I would spill my precious Starbuck’s, not realizing until later that it “enabled” me to enjoy a slower, more observant first mile of driving.  Like when your on vacation and you know your only going from the rental unit to the IGA for a fresh baguette and you don’t bother buckling your seat belt… you don’t shave, tuck in your shirt (or go bra-less?)

On the dash for the shot, but it remained in my hand until it was empty.

In contrast one morning I did the American thing and hustled my butt off trying to get to work, got a Starbuck’s to go, forgot something, ended up back at the house and lost all gained time with my “designed for motion” go-cup.

Get it and go... thrown away after it was done... wasted resources and wasted insights.

Perhaps our forefathers knew something we forgot.  My younger brother, on a motorcycle trip of Northern Italy could not get a coffee to go for the life of him.  Everywhere he went and made the request he got the same response… “sit down you silly American, what is this coffee to go you speak of?… relax enjoy the morning, the coffee and your wife…. no coffee to go.”


One thought on “I should do this everyday.

  1. For me it’s reading. I want a cup of coffee, or hot apple juice, or maybe some seven-grain chips or something sweet, when I’m reading. I like it, but I know I don’t really taste much of it.

    When I get involved in my art class and its homework, I don’t do anything else. Hand and eye have to be focussed.

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