Blurred on Purpose

This morning I strolled from the shower to the kitchen for a coffee refill.  Since I knew my stroll was going to be so brief I reframed from putting on my glasses, knowing that when I returned to the bathroom, I would have to remove them again to shave.  I know… more info then you needed. But I needed to set the stage for this insight.  Without my glasses on, all I could see as I walked through the living room was the general suggestions of the items there. The spirit of the space.  All that was apparent was the general colors, hints and suggestions of the items there.

Just a hint...

And I thought, perhaps I should approach my whole day this way.  Moving through it without being able to become consumed by the details.  Instead just enjoy the general spirit of things and free myself from the heavy weight that perfection in the details demands.  Without my glasses on I couldn’t tell that there might be a dated magazine on the table cluttering things, just that there is some good stuff to read there.  Without my glasses on, I couldn’t see that there might be a little dust on the turntable cover which would compulsively require instant removal in a perfect world.

Typical view and visual reminders of projects yet completed.

Being a product designer you are typically trained to demand the most from the details.  Schooled in the art of perfection.  But today I concluded there is also a level of peace that can be obtained by putting some gel on your lens and letting things blur once in a while.


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