I came across this scene at lunch yesterday. But it struck me as such an odd scene that it could have been a clip from a Hitchcock movie.  Or more relevant to the events of late a scene from Japan. Haunting in ether scene.

Cast off ... plastic spent shopping cart on a 10' high snow bank.

It is one of those moments that one has to be carefull of photographing … because you have to frame it just right which is especially difficult when the shot is from your car window.  Others driving by wonder what it is that you find so fascinating.  In a weird way one puts themselves at risk of ridicule when attempting to express themselves artistically.  But not as much at risk as those who are having to live with aftermath of the tsunami. May they somehow find peace and know that the world is on their side.

We at are the point in the year where my family and I are trying to decide where or if we should go someplace for a summer vacation.  I am pushing that we go to a place where we can experience the wonders of nature … the mountains, the lakes, the prairies, the canyons.  Rather then the “wonders” of man… the cities, the dams, the night lights.

Perhaps it is the setting, perhaps I am just reading to much into this photo but it represents the carelessness of man to me.  I’ll see you in the woods.


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