Sleep Lines

Living in Michigan turns one into a weather connoisseur.  After a harsh start to the year, the last week has provided a hint of bigger things to come… like being in a canoe with your kids and pointing to the head of turtle that just popped up for air.

"Bluebird Sky"

"Maybe if I just walk out like a human I can get there"?

During a drive to Chicago with some co-workers we discussed how ugly this time of year can be.  With the snow banks that line the roads looking like some automobiles used handkerchief and the grass mimicking the appearance of a mud flap to a Jeep Wrangler after a day of off-roading.

A winter's shrapnel is slowly revealed... but it is also nutrients for the soil.

I agreed but could relate to the seen just outside the window.  At risk of ridicule I proposed that perhaps we look at it, as if the world is just waking from a long, much-needed nap.  Nature is recovering from a predicted yet brutal endeavor.  Old Man Winter has tried to make Mother Nature match his appearance in the mirror.  She is waking, crawling out from under the blanket, with all her sleep lines revealed, eyes swollen and hair a mess.  But soon she will reach stride as her day progresses and that first cup of Starbuck’s … “May Blend” kicks in.

Personally I love the changing season’s… just when you tire of one and it ramps down, the next one ramps up.  Bringing with it a uniqueness that can only be credited to it.

Perhaps those of you who have, or love someone who has battled through plugging the gushing hole in a hull that hitting one of life’s uncharted reefs, can relate.

Sometimes waking slowly and enjoying the moment is what the journey is about.


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