And a silence fell upon the world…. may we take this moment to catch our breath, enjoy the spectacular view and warm coffee (as we crank away on our laptops!)  We had recievied a call the night before that school was going to be closed.  We stayed in bed with the curtains open and just enjoyed the silence.  It was as if God said “I give you this day of rest… relax… may peace be you this morning”.

40 mph winds & endless snowfall... 12°.

Winterscape... icicles as if it's a post card.


One thought on “Breathe…

  1. The hush that used to fall over Manhattan in the deep snows of my childhood refreshed my sense of magic and fun. Such a day as you describe rolls back the scrim of routine, revealing amazing interrelated dynamic processes.

    Even the efforts of shoveling snow and making sure the neighbors are OK can be exhilarating as well as exhausting.

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