Truck of timber dreams

As I merged into traffic, I was shuffled in behind this truck.  Typically in this type of weather I would have made some sort of internal protest about all the wheel spray trucks throw off and how it inhibits my vision as I turn the wiper blades to rapid.

Headed north with a load of dreams.

But for some reason, this time my thought was different.  This time of year I struggle with the post Christmas blues which tends to make my outlook a bit gloomy for a few weeks.  All that aside my spontaneous flash thought was ‘there goes a truck of dreams’.

What I saw was a load of wooden trusses being delivered somewhere.  But what that means is many fold.  The recipient of this delivery is making a residential dream come true… impressive in this economy.  But it also the outcome of an architects diligent design process, a builder’s phase in a tried and true process, a lumber yard’s acquisition of more business.

It represents a whole host of dialogues… compromises, design concepts sold, ideas deluded, tree’s dropped from controversial harvesting processes, money spent and perhaps a hundred other facets to growth, change and the pursuit of happiness.

I was happy to fall in behind this big rig this time with all this in mind.  It inspired me to pursue my own dreams regardless of the shackles that threaten to bind me down like a Disney cartoon depicting the Charles Dickens’s story “A Christmas Carole”.

Having worked in a lumber yard at one point in my colorful life, another thought that struck me after the first wave washed ashore and receded was… in this crap weather, why didn’t the trucker have these trusses under a tarp?


One thought on “Truck of timber dreams

  1. Woops! They do need a tarp. How seasoned can that wood be?

    I enjoyed this reflection on the many people and processes involved in this truck’s load. Living and building and plans for the future are going on, even as the economy struggles.

    Dickens let Ebenezer Scrooge have a second chance to enjoy life, through a change of attitude. Good stuff, Jon!

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