As wish for you…

• may you use every room in your house every day

• may you never have to generate this text message: “pass the ketchup”

• may you build something, anything… with your hands

• may you be gifted a peek of your spouse in the shower

• may your kids express as much curiosity in a wood lathe as they will in FaceBook

• may you remember that the car you’re driving now, will be the old classic you wish kept in 10 years

• may you stop killing things you fear like opposing thoughts & spiders

• may you find a good tune on the car radio that has just started, not just finished

• may you find something so beautiful that your reach out and touch it

• may you never have to learn what lenalidomide or bupropn are used for

• may you realize the difference between complacent and content

• may you find a safe spot and see how fast your car can go

• may you need to tie a half windsor and walk on a hard floor in leather soled shoes once in a while

• may you allow yourself to cry, and not hide your face while doing so

• may your next baseball glove still have some real leather in it

Merry Christmas with hopes that the New Year brings you rewarding and memorable experiences.


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