Creative Parking I hope?

Driving to work one morning I encountered this, at first, humorous site.  But by the time I had circled back to take a picture of it I had concluded that it was actually fairly sad.  Not truly knowing the whole scenario one is left to perhaps radical conclusions.

How to create a parking spot.

This might be the result of someone trying to avoid a cat scurrying across the road and slamming into the other parked cars.  It might be the result of someone swerving suddenly to avoid a car stopped in their lane that had not noticed.  It could be the result of some who was just flat-out ripped and should not have been behind the wheel.

In any case the situation is unfortunate… I pray no one was hurt.  But it is a sorry case that those involved, couldn’t do anything about it at the time.  Or didn’t have the resources (mental, emotional, fiscal) to deal with it.   And they appear to have abandoned the cars as they landed.  I really feel sorry for the middle car which appears to have been the innocent one that took it both bow and stern.

As a result, as if to “add lemon juice to a paper cut”, they got a “move it” sticker slapped onto their windshields.  There does happened to be a nice little neighborhood bar across the street.  So with a humors perspective, perhaps the dudes, after “parking” their car… sad “good enough” and stumbling into the Meanwhile Bar for another round.


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