Colonial Water Power

Over the last few days the mid-west has been getting hammered by high winds.  As it is said by Gordon Lightfoot “… the gales of November came early”.

NOAA has placed several buoy’s in the great lakes to track conditions.  There are two that I like to check in on just for giggles.  One is in the southern end of the Lake Michigan and the other is in the northern end of the lake just west of Beaver Island.

The wave height history on that buoy reveals that there have been 22ft. waves over the last few days, at 8 second interavels.  As one of my good friends said… “that’s like a 2 story colonial house hitting you every 8 seconds”.

During lunch yesterday I went to the pier head in Holland… they were not 22 footers but they were big.


Busting over the south pier.

Taking out the north pier head.

The seagulls had a good run at it.

Rainbows in the wave mist as they slammed into the break wall.

Sand blowing across the ground looked like a layer of fog.


One thought on “Colonial Water Power

  1. I read that the water level in West Michigan actually went up 24″( and the Wisconsin side went down) due to the wind pushing it across the lake.

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