Look Again

I commute.  My commute is about 50 minutes on a good day.  After 5 years of doing this I have explored every possible route in efforts to trim ether milage or time off the ordeal.

There are many tools one uses to contend with the monotony of a commute, some yak on their cell phones, some listen to loud radios, some listen to NPR, some listen to motivational lectures on CD.  I usually just drive in silence.  Sometimes I roll all the windows down and let the fresh air dance through the car and blow my sole clean.

Most of the time I look for hidden beauty in my surroundings.  Things I have driven by a hundred times.  Things that with the slightest change in season are reveled in a new light.

Like a Jackson Browne song you heard a million times and then some unwarranted event in your life slaps you in the face and all of the sudden “Fountain of Sorrow” becomes so profoundly clear that you wonder how a dude so young at the time could have written such a song.

I also have made a habit out of always carrying a camera with me.  I have two: a Nikon D40 and a Fuji F30 pocket digital.

Yesterday during my commute the season’s change and the autumn lighting reveled a renewed view of the everyday surrounds.  So much so that I felt propelled to capture it with my Fuji.  Even thought we despise industry and it’s impact on our landscape it is a reality.  And by looking at it through the aperture of a camera you can put all biases aside and seek the composition, the rhythm and the motion.

So… try it… grab your camera, jam it into your pocket and go for a walk, at sunrise, at dusk, in the rain, on a foggy morning… see what you can come up with… you will be surprised.


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