New smells of an old art.


I have been continuing to feel the need for creating things… but in a way that is less of a major mess.  So rather then getting every wood cutting tool I own out I have opted to see what happens when you stuff me in a kitchen for an afternoon.  Which works out good with a quest for better health through a healthier diet.

Saturday afternoon I was into a “spinach cannelloni in fresh tomato sauce” deal way over my head when my 14 year old daughter walked through the kitchen.  She asked “are we having some big fancy dinner tonight or what?”

It struck me as disappointing that the smell of a home cooked, made from scratch meal was so foreign to her that when it happens she thinks it’s a special event.  Now, I want to be clear, my wife is a fabulous cook and we are all far from starving, but my point is without us really even knowing it, we have fallen pray to the fast paced-being-on-time-to-dance-class-is-more-important-then-shreading-our-own-cheese-life-style.

When we all sat down to the French gumbo I made we had a blast talking about how I could improve it next time.  So it turns out the journey is part of the reward.

Good cookbook.

Good cookbook (click on image).


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