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common contrast

common contrast

Yesterday after engaging with my computer for 6 hours I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks.  As I walked back to the car with hot beverage in hand I first noticed how soft the turf was I was crossing… so soft you wanted to lay down and take nap in it.  Then wanting to prolong my return to the office a bit, I stood outside my car and just took in the sights.

There right next to me were three completely different types of trees.  One was a blue spruce who’s legend of hostile needles just had to be experienced… so I reached out and ran my hand through the tree.  This act emprinted a experience in me that never could have happen had I just jumped in the Jetta and drove away… but it didn’t stop there.  For comparison sake I ran my hands through the other two trees as well.  I don’t know what they were but they were broad leafed soft, and dancing in the breeze.

What seems like a fairly stupid and simple act had now become a memorable one.  Taking my interaction from one sense (sight) and embellishing it to several (touch, smell, sound) is an example of how an innocent act can convert everyday experiences into very real and memorable ones.  Every time I drive by that parking lot I will think of those trees and that brief connectivity I had with nature, that brief connectivity I had with myself… and that little recess I gave myself in an otherwise day full of commitments.


2 thoughts on “See more live more

  1. Jon—- After reading your commentary about the Three Trees, we have come to the conclusion that not only are you a very accomplished Artist, but also you have missed your calling as a very good author. Lori & Dad

  2. Ahhh, to live fully conscious and in the moment… The rewards are great. Thanks for reminding me. I find those moments elusive in these busy days. Dave

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