The Ghost of Benzonia High

On a recent trip “up north” as us Michiganders call it… my 11 year old son convinced us to stop and check out a deserted factory he saw in the periphery of his vision as we creeped down M115 on a cold, snowy day.  Much to our surprise it was not a factory, but an all but abandon high school. 



It was graphically very intriguing but what struck me as more fascinating was the unknown history as to why and how it fell dormant.  I’m sure anyone who lives in the area could have told us but there it was, a dusty monument to a communities commitment to improvement.  A spent shuck from a cornel that had grown past it’s need.  The lyric’s from Jimmy Buffet’s song “the stories we could tell” came to mind.





2 thoughts on “The Ghost of Benzonia High

  1. My friend and I explored the old high school too (also thinking it was a factory at first) last month. We haven’t been able to find anything about when it was built or why it closed. We’re happy to learn there are others that wonder about the story of the old Benzonia High School.

  2. It is a haunting structure and graphically very powerful… we were driving south and my son saw it and asked what “that old factory was?” so we turned back and tried to figure it out too… Thanks for stopping by !

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