power fin vs. power

A myth.  Only seen in inspirational photos.  I have spent combined probably months in streams seeking refuge under the pretense of fishing but seldom have I actually witnessed this.  There, below us were trout jumping up a waterfall.  How could they possibly know that this is the way back to the nest?  Against all odds they bolt.  With the thrust of a fin and launch.  At risk is everything.  Exhausted and battered, they fail… wait and try again.  How could you not be moved by this?


Rockford Michigan… are dams a good idea anymore?


3 thoughts on “power fin vs. power

  1. We can’t guarantee the results of our actions. We can’t even foresee them. We’re responsible for trying.

    Is this a picture of a trout stair that’s intended to let the fish reach the nesting place?

    What do you want to say about dams?

  2. Dams… my concern really is potentially our reaction to high oil prices and what we might do (or not do) in an effort to replace our current energy supply channel with “domestic” energy. I sincerely hope legislators (and consumers) are looking at ways to promote life styles that are less dependent on energy. Fiscal incentives are probably the only way to force a change. In that sense, high gas prices are good. Americans tend to consume until it’s gone. Unlike our European neighbors we have not had to conserve… we have not been confronted with boarders. We don’t need to drill under the Great Lakes or the wilderness of Canada… we need to consume less.

  3. You can thank the Army Corp of Engineers and a short-sighted Congress who together conspired to manipulate natures water flow for the benefit of….huge poorly planned communities with no water use planning. Look no further than the Florida Everglades for a prime example of such a large scale failure. Another great example are the sacred salmon here in the PNW. Their paths to glory and reproduction have have been nothing short of devastated by huge corporte run powerplants that never even considered the fate of these creatures when these damn dams were created for “cheap and effective” power sources.

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