A nice thought.

Somewhere recently I heard or read about “back door guests” (my apologies to those who’s credit is due if your reading this… but I can’t remember the source). These are people you know so well that they are welcome to just come to the backdoor and walk right in. When I saw this sign at the back door of a home in our neighborhood, I was reminded of the warmth and friendship implied in the back door guest theory.



2 thoughts on “A nice thought.

  1. An unlocked back door saved my brother’s life during a blizzard in Vermont. It was a custom. He didn’t know the people, no one was home, but he knew he was welcome to get warm and have some cocoa.

    Yes, it’s great to have friends or neighbors who know they are welcome just about any time.

    The sign reminds me of an Irish custom: When someone enters a home, they say “God bless all here.”

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