Now what?

In our home there are hundreds of books stashed in all sorts of locations. We have even managed to start a collection of those mini palm-sized versions you find tastefully displayed near the cash registers in any given book store, tugging on your compulsive purchase weaknesses.


One that is applicable to this time of year is a book called “Simplify Your Life” by Elaine St. James (Andrew McMeel Publishing in Kansas City).


Now that the reality of post holiday existence is creeping back into view, a lot of us are forced to reconsider how our homes are organized in order to contend with all the gifts that miraculously made it down the chimney. There are hundreds of theories on how to address this. Here is a quote from the above mentioned book:

“Remember, the idea is not to deny yourself the things you want, but to free yourself from the things you don’t want.”

This of course is applicable to more then just how we arrange a book shelf. With just a little imagination, it can be applied to every aspect of living. Your monthly expenses, your friendship network, your time, your meals… even your tackle box or garden!


2 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. I confess. I let my son pack up 13 boxes of books and put them in storage last May. Now I’m trying to weed out a book for every book I add. The latest: looking for places to put things away so I can use their spaces for books. I have at least 10 books that I consider current – I’m reading them or have immediate intentions to read them.

    That’s a very attractive little shelf in your bathroom. I like the cat, too.

  2. This cat is named GoGo. Which reflects the white go-go boots she seems to wear at all times, regardless of the event. We have another cat named GiGi, which is short for Gray Ghost.

    In the spring however, I am planning on obtaining a Welsh Springer Spaniel if I win the debate with the rest of the family… stay tuned.

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