It’s you in the details.

Some weekend, carry a camera around with you everywhere you go. Even if you don’t use it, look at the world around you as if you where searching for composition in everything. You will be amazed at what little hints of rhythm and pattern are in the mosaic of your life.

not just a building

souvenirs from many beach walks

from 4 generations but thousands of lessons & memories

grandpa’s books

peek-a-boo building

purple parking place from the land of Prince

reference, dreams & inspiration

mini garden

round art



One thought on “It’s you in the details.

  1. I love this idea. The pictures are vivid and interesting.

    I took lots of photos reaching for textures and rhythms a few years ago. They are still very satisfying: the striations in an overhang, a frame filled with wet pebbles and rocks at the tidal line. Thanks for reminding me.

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