Mouse Belly


The laptop I use is accompanied by a wireless mouse. The mouse has some subtle visual cues that it is working when you first turn it on. Stating it as simply as I can, there is a red light on the bottom side that blinks slowly when your first turn it on. Then after a few seconds, it blinks rapidly. This is a process where the mouse is talking to the laptop and looking for connectivity.

Monday morning I was preparing to head to the office by packing my technology when the mouse fell to the floor and landed upside down. The mouse I use is so well designed that on it’s own, it evokes an emotional response. But when I looked behind my desk and saw the mouse lying there… on it’s back, a strange sensation came over me. There was this inanimate object that all of the sudden came to life. It’s bright red light was staring at me… searching, trying to communicate with me. Then all of the sudden it started to blink very fast as if to say “hurry… I need help”.

I had visions of early childhood, catching frogs and turtles. You remember, when one squirms and catches your fingers with their claws, you drop it and it lands on it’s back and struggles to right it’s world.

Same thing with my mouse. I have to admit that I actually felt some sudden urgency to retrieve it… (rescue it?) and turn it off.

I can’t believe the people at Apple had enough foresight to design a product that would replicate a common childhood scenario in this fashion, but what if? Is there a way for us to foster fond memories in what we do?



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