May We Never Tire of This


Have you ever heard yourself say “wow… that’s cool.” It usually happens when you discover some hidden feature about a product or service. Some unexpected elegance, a tactile detail or smooth motion that you didn’t expect. Or even better a feature that addresses a need you didn’t know you had. The reaction of discovery is accompanied by a pleasure in knowing that the item (or service) was thoroughly designed. That the whole act of use was understood and premeditated.

This makes you feel special, like the people responsible really know you.

I was recently staying in a hotel where I discovered that the typical commodity soap was not that at all. They had incorporated a massaging texture onto one side. Upon discovering this, I said “wow… that’s cool”. I concluded that no matter how old we are, no matter how many experiences we log, we always have room for these subtle moments of being pampered.

We never grow tired of our expectations being exceeded. It can happen with small, little details, such as labels that easily peel off of purchased products. Or the Apple iMac shaking it’s screen image, indicating you have entered the wrong password. It can be a self closing drawer or a texture on a power window lever. It could be a delayed reaction…such as concluding there is no road side advertising in Yellowstone National Park. But you don’t realize it until you leave and encounter it everywhere.

I hope we never get too busy to notice these things, and let them inspire us to pepper our world with thousands more.

Keep it rewarding…



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