Greetings… and Welcome

As the home organization industry grows, a natural attribute of that growth will be the awareness of “good design”… more clearly put: what makes a space successful.

This blog was created to help us relate to the home organization industry, connect with each other and share insights into the nuances of good design.

It is intended to build a community which includes anyone who has ever rearranged a living room or crammed a stack of sweaters into that space between the top shelf and the ceiling.

After 20 years of being a product designer, I have grown accustomed to asking questions and studying the process of existing in a “place.” My goal is to provide thought provoking insights to fuel the dialogue.

I hope this journey will be rewarding for all of us, and to ensure that’s the case, all I ask is that you:

• be civil
• speak with passion but let thought override emotion
• remember that your words represent you
• use research to seek the truth
• be brief
• not take ourselves to seriously

Let’s get started… I can’t wait!



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